The (lack of) inevitability in progress

I saw this on a tweet today. It’s a quote from a book by Scott Berkun.

We can be trapped into looking back and seeing the history of the world as following an inevitable path, and thus the future too.

People believe The Early Church grew and evangelized the entire Roman Empire “somehow”, and now “somehow” the Church in the West is disappearing.

Yet the triumph of the Early Church was not somehow inevitable, it was the result of choices made and decisions followed through. The Early Church “out-thought, out-loved and out-served their contemporaries”.

In the same way, there is nothing inevitable about church decline. Of course, as I have shown in earlier blogs, if nothing changes then the Methodist Church disappears in 2033, the Scottish Episcopalians in 2043 and the Church of England in 2082.

But things can change when we make them (If you are waiting for God to change them, then is it possible that He is waiting for you to do your bit?). If we out-think, out-love and out-serve our contemporaries, then the future changes. If we keep doing what we are doing even harder, then it doesn’t.

Steve Biko said “The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressors is the mind of the oppressed”.

Whilst we believe decline is inevitable, it is.

I don’t. How about you?

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