Special Measures


Eleven hospital trusts are being placed in special measures because of major failings, Jeremy Hunt has announced.

This has turned into a major row about who is to blame 

I don’t think the blame game is helpful, but it is right to remove the management from failing hospitals.

I wonder when we are going to do the same with churches? Are there some that need to be put into Special Measures?

The Bible has a lot to say about the need for failing churches to change – try the Book of Revelation for a start.

Of course a church isn’t a business – it’s far more important than that. If the leadership is doing the same thing over and over, yet hoping for a different result, it must be time for change.

Perhaps we need an “Ofchurch” instead of an Ofsted?

Archdeacon Alan Jeans has tweeted “Challenge of a Diocesan bishop: most of my parishes are clubs, looking for chaplains. #MMconf13″

So what criteria would you use to judge as to whether a church should be put into Special Measures?