Great Escaper

I feel a lot of sympathy for the Nursing Home which called in the police after one of its residents disappeared. He later turned up on the Ferry to France for the D-Day Commemorations.

It’s one thing to lose an inanimate object like a laptop, but it’s completely another thing when people are involved, whether they are very young or very old. They don’t always behave predictably.

A few years ago, I took an elderly resident of a Residential Home with me to Keenley Methodist Church, as I had done many times before. On this occasion it was not a Sunday service, but the Saturday night Harvest Festival Concert.

After the concert, the tea and a bit of washing up, we returned home at about ten o’clock to find a police car waiting outside the Residential Home.

“I bet that’s for you” I joked.

Unfortunately it was, as she had failed to inform anybody that she was going out, and they had been very worried to discover she was missing and had called the police.

Happily they were so relieved at her safe return, they weren’t too cross with her(!) The police were happy too.

Still, at least she was missed……..


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