2 thoughts on “Out Look

  1. I like James’ response to this. 1 June 4.04 am! Everything we do as a church should be God focussed. He should be the centre of our worship, our prayers, our fellowship groups, Bible studies, business meetings, giving and all the other ‘churchy’ things,we do. The most important thing to Him is our relationship with Him (Father,Son & Holy Spirit). How He uses that relationship to serve His purposes is up to Him. Unless we know better!

  2. It seems that Mark Falls (May 31 – 8.54 pm) would agree with my previous comment. Whereas Thom Rainer dwells on the negative impact of ‘inward focus’ within churches, Mark suggests the way we reach out to the world should respect God’s holiness. We need to have an upward focus first. He suggests a desperation for numerical growth is in itself a form of inward focus and an abandonment of ‘God-ward ‘ focus altogether.

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