New Wine and Old Wineskins

Following on from Logan’s Run, here’s a blog post from Scott Berkun, which discusses the well known concept that science doesn’t advance by scientists finding new evidence and accepting it, but instead by a generation of scientists who held the old theory dying off, and a new generation coming through, who see the new theory as blatantly obvious.

Is there a parallel here for the church?

One thought on “New Wine and Old Wineskins

  1. Before I clicked on the link to Berkun, my first reaction was to think of Thomas Kuhn’s notion of ‘paradigm shift’, and lo and behold, Berkun cites Kuhn’s seminal text at the beginning of his post. It seems to me that what we want in the church is incremental change, which is the notion of change in scientific ideas that Kuhn rejects. We want to change existing churches. However, so many are hardened to the radical nature of change that we may well be better off providing terminal care to them while starting new churches for new generations. What do you think? Or does your experience at Hexham contradict this?

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