All Things Bright And Beautiful


Photo By DickDaniels ( (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

Twenty-odd years ago, at Peter Lee Memorial Methodist Church I was doing more than 30 weddings a year. I was doing them two or three on Saturdays in the summer, as that was when people wanted them. The favourite hymn by far, was All Things Bright and Beautiful. followed at some distance by Morning has Broken.

I thought of this yesterday when I did a funeral with those two hymns. They have now moved to be the preferred hymns for despatching rather than matching. Maybe this will be the last generation who will remember them?

Last year’s stats show that there were no weddings at all in the church at Peterlee. I guess people now go to Shotton Hall instead. It is only since 1994 that venues other than churches and Registry Offices could be used and they must now be very popular.

We know what our grandparents sang, but I wonder what our grandchildren will have for their weddings?

One thought on “All Things Bright And Beautiful

  1. I heard the organist practice those hymns before the funeral…and heard them sung and thought how surreal that these two hymns (?) that I normally hear at Abbey weddings (usually along with ‘one more step along the world I go’) while waiting to ring the bells are chosen for a funeral.

    I did a stint at Matfen Hall….which really was a ‘wedding factory’. From the bride sweeping down the main staircase into the grand hall for the main ceremony accompanied by the couples favourite piece of music and then through the reception hallway into the adjacent large dining room for the wedding ‘breakfast’, all followed by the evening festivities in the undercroft. In the summer seven days of the week, In winter maybe only three times a week. The only things missing were a minister of religion, the hymns and the bells!

    Why worry about what our children (or in my case, grandchildren) will be singing at their nuptials. I am delighted that my children decided to get married. Period. That they believed it right to do so ‘in the sight of God before a congregation’ was a bonus. That they sung hymns and contemporary songs that ‘blessed the Lord’ as well as their union made it even better.

    I have a feeling that my grandchildren will follow the example set by their parents and will come into the knowledge of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and would want to sing songs that glorified Him when they married partners in whichever place of worship they feel comfortable with, encouraged by ‘the church’ and in the sight of God. I am sure ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and ‘Morning has broken’ will NOT be on their list.

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