Trusting attitudes?


The thirtieth British Social Attitudes report is published today.

Here is an interesting article about it, particularly the bit about religion, about half way down.

Church of England affiliation in the last 30 years has halved, from 40% to 20%. People don’t have confidence in Institutions any more. With “trust in freefall”, how do we relate to those who are “spiritual, but not religious”?


One thought on “Trusting attitudes?

  1. I was heartened by these two statements.

    1. Many British people keep open their belief in God or “something more,” but have turned their back on religious institutions and leaders.”

    2. Britons have not grown any less spiritual, but in line with their relationship with other institutions, more individualistic.

    It is always worthwhile to share with ‘unchurched’ people that you have a faith. It leads to questions like “Why do you believe….”

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