The Rottweiller


Fantastic blog from Glenys Nellist .

(and by the way, you do need boiling water, hot water just won’t do :))


3 thoughts on “The Rottweiller

  1. This John that also serves breakfasts (usually on Sunday and Monday mornings) starting nine hours after his shift start also delights in making the morning start happily for hotel guests at the Best Western he works for. “Green Tea?, yes of course, Green Tea with Lime, Green Tea with Mint or just pure Green Tea?” Although I also studied hospitality subjects and hotel management, it IS that inner desire to please others that gives satisfaction. Although my career choice (albeit working on ships) was before I became a Christian, I want my faith to reflect in my work. The hotel owners, staff and guests are my mission field!…and I’m past the the end of my normal working life….
    This should also reflect in the way we treat our church officers, members and visitors.
    ps…Boiling Water IS required for pure dried tea leaves, however only 82 deg.C is required for tea bags to make a brew. They contain broken and rubbed leaves.

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